The man that wants to save you money!

Come on the journey with me…

At first, I quit my 6 figure income position to do EVERYTHING in my power to change what I felt was a “flawed” industry…the car sales industry.

I quit Sept 30th 2014 and worked a deal with a great man named Shane Mooney, the owner of Big Dogs Truck & Car Wash in Red Deer AB. He allowed me to put up my logo’d pop-up tent near the entrance to his wash. Throughout the winter of 2014 I sat out there by myself in the harsh, freezing alberta winter offering his clients a free car wash if they would just listen to my new business idea.

After a few weeks of paying for people’s washes and making as many social media posts to get my name out there as possible, I got my very first client to list a vehicle with me!! This was an amazing feeling, but it made me even more hungry now that I KNEW people actually wanted this service as I thought they would. Word started spreading, I continued to promote via social media, (which landed me an interview and newspaper article in the Red Deer Advocate) also attending Business after hours to promote Reverse through the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce. (A fantastic group of people, I recommend joining JUST to meet all the wonderful people, the rest of the services they offer are a bonus). So as people continued to list vehicles with me, some started asking if I could store their vehicle for them…so I started storing some vehicles at my house in Blackfalds while posting them for sale online. This created a legal issue as I could legally only store 2 units including my vehicle. So, I started searching for locations…

While all this was happening I still had a commitment to my son I made to him and his amazing mother that I was then separated with. Everyday before heading to the Car Wash I would go to his house before he woke up then would hang out for 1-2 hrs until it was time to take him to day-care. Then Mon. Wed. Fri. evenings I would hang with him from 6pm-8pm and then put him to bed. Sat was my busy day at the car wash so my son would be with his mother that day and Sun. was my slower day so I would have him all day then put him to bed at his mothers for 8pm. I’m only putting this part in to show I had to limit all the distractions in my life to focus on the 2 MOST important things in my life, my SON & REVERSE DEALER. It was hard, I had to limit or even sometimes cut off communications with friends and acquaintances. I apologize to those who felt neglected at that time, but I had to do what I had to do.

I’m going to take a break from this story now and come back at a future date. Currently it’s May 22 2016 and things have grown drastically so please stay tuned for the follow up which will include,choosing the lot, Dragons Den auditions, more tough times, more amazing times!

I you have any questions or comments please send them!!

What did you think of the journey so far? Have you ever quit a job and started something on your own? I’d love to hear what you’ve done and how you dealt with it.