Too wake up or sleep in, that is the question!

Figured I write about the difference between waking up early and getting up last minute because i’m working on getting good again at it 🙂

When I sit back and think about whether my days are better sleeping in or waking up early… What I’ve found personally is when waking up late, my days feel rushed and I cannot prepare properly for what is coming and I feel like I can get behind in my day. This can end up snowballing into unwanted events, letting others down, bad food choices and just an overall unhealthy lifestyle.

I have found when I’m feeling great about my days it is when I actually get up the second my alarm goes off! Waking up and instantly getting out bed without allowing my brain to try and talk my body out of it is a HUGE key to getting up early. I find this sets the tone for the day, it tells your brain that today is going to be a day of getting stuff done, it allows your “heart” which is your true self to take the lead vs. the “head” which lies and tries to deceive you into staying in your bed for just a little bit longer. Does this happen to you?? If not, I probably sound like a crazy person to you lol!

Other benefits i’ve found from getting out of bed the second you wake up are: being able to relax and strategize your day, eat breakfast (healthier the better), time to workout and among other things, it is a commitment you make to yourself. When you start your day off with fulfilling a commitment to yourself you feel more empowered and in control opposed to telling yourself the night before that you’re gonna get up the second you awake but then just lay there and make excuses to yourself why you shouldn’t.


I’d love some feedback on this, am I the only one who thinks this way, please let me know your thoughts!

That is my rant for the day, thanks for reading!

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