Persist like you can’t resist

I’ve found over the years that one of the MAJOR reasons people do not accomplish what they truly want in there life is because they DO NOT persist.


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Lack of persistence causes pain almost every time, it causes a feeling of being let down or given up on. Have you ever experienced being “give up on” in any part of your life? For example, in relationships i’ve noticed most people end up getting divorced/separated because they don’t continue firmly in spite of difficulty, people give up and retreat to doing the things that satisfy only themselves. Another example would be in the “Sales” industry, a lot of salesman/women get a bad name for persisting or following up with clients. My feeling is that if you believe in your company or product so much you owe it to your clients to do everything in your power (ethically of course) to persist and educate them enough to finally understand what you or your product can do for them. When you persist in sales it usually ends up resulting in a transaction, most salespeople just give up and say “oh well, on to the next one”. I feel that is a terrible attitude and a disservice to your clients. If that’s you, you always have the right to change your attitude.

never give up

In life i’m finding that when you persist with the hard things, only then does your life begin to get better. When you persist it’s a reassurance to yourself that you are a person of integrity and if you say you’re going to do something then YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT. When you fight through the hard times and know no matter what you are going to stick through it, it gives the other person/client a positive feeling that this person is a person that truly believes in what they do and your confidence will help you AND others along the way. The best part is after weathering the storm, the other side is usually brighter and you genuinely feel so much better about yourself as a person.

Im also finding in my company Reverse Dealer that the hard times i’ve already been through just give me strength and reassurance that i’m doing the right thing. So, whether you are starting a business or job, entering a relationship/marriage, or maybe even just setting your alarm clock the night before you wake up… it’s all a commitment, once you make the commitment you NEED to stick to it and persist like you can’t resist!

Thats my words for the day, a lot of the times I just write stuff that helps me continue on the right path 🙂

I’d love to hear back from you if there’s a story in your life where you wished you persisted more than you did, or maybe something you’re doing right now that you’ve made the commitment to persist no matter what.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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