Have you ever heard of this term? Is this something you practice everyday in your job, business, relationships?

From my experience this is a KEY part to succeeding at whatever it is you want in life. Let’s say you’re currently working a job , and you want to get a raise, what would you think they best way to go about that would be? What I’ve found is that if you go ABOVE & BEYOND what you’re paid to do for an extended period of time, you WILL end up getting a raise. What I always did was find out what MY boss needed to report to their boss and I would focus on doing everything that made them look better to THEIR boss. It’s the “help enough people get what they want, and you’ll end up getting what you want” The ZIG ZIGLAR philosophy.

If you take this philosophy into whatever else it is that you are wanting in life you will most certainly get it. 2 more quick examples:

1. Weight lifting; if you want to get stronger or more defined you have to do that one or two EXTRA reps for a long enough period of time and only then will you begin to notice the real gains.

2. Relationships, if you do the things that you KNOW your spouse or friends love, then the relationship between you and them will continually grow more and more.

It’s when you stop or hold back in your workouts or relationships when you end up getting the unwanted results.


Does any of this ring true for you, I’d love to hear your stories of going ABOVE & BEYOND and what benefits you got from doing so.