Quick recap, Winter 2014 I froze outside a car wash with a pop up tent and paid for people’s car washes if they would just listen to what I wanted to do the auto industry, which was to help people buy & sell their vehicles for FAIR prices! I got a few cars, started needing client vehicle storage as well as having to figure out a balance in my life to maintain the workload and the people in my life I love.

Old ad I would post for myself

So, around Feb/Mar 2015 I located a lot that was about 70% vacant, the bonus was, the lot had high visibility on hwy 2a and was already being used as a car storage/wholesale lot. I worked a deal with the tenant to rent out 10 vehicle spaces. This now allowed me to store my clients vehicles and start advertising that we can store AND sell vehicles. This gave us (me, lol) the boost needed to promote Reverse Dealer even more. I ramped up my social media posts, continued attending Business after hours with the Chamber of Commerce Red Deer, and doing anything I could within the community. I would collect clothes and donate it, I would listen to local radio stations for live donation events and attend as many as I could just to get the Reverse Dealer name out there.

This started to pay off, but not instantly…I remember Feb 2015 I almost ran out of money because I invested everything I made prior to that directly into one thing, advertising… I went ALL INNNN! I had to get VERY creative with my cash flow just to maintain afloat. I would have move money around from Business to personal accounts and personal to business as the money came in to pay my bills. At this time, I was still maintaining my house and my dog (by myself), child support to my sons mother, and operate a new startup business. Feb 2015 was a tough month, but we made it through, the advertising started paying off and vehicles began to show up on a more regular basis. I continued to sit at the car wash for almost another month until I didn’t have enough time to just sit at the wash because I was too busy consigning and selling clients vehicles on my own.

The next step, which I will get into at a further date was to hire some help and start growing this thing even bigger!

Please stay tuned for the next update which will include: securing more lot space for our clients, dragons den audition, hiring staff, BBQ season and meeting 5 year old Haylen for the first time

Thank you for reading 🙂

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