It’s always interesting to me what books other people find fascinating. I’d love to hear what yours are after checking out mine

Velocity Overdrive – Amazing book by one of, if not THE greatest used car professional in the world Dale Pollak. A book about how the used market is changing with all the new technology available and much much more. Highly recommend if you are at all in car sales.

Steve Jobs – One of the best books I’ve ever read, gives a deep insight into the mind and accomplishments of one of the greatest businessmen of all times. A must read for ANYBODY. Any biography by Walter Isaacson I’ve absolutely LOVED!

If you’re not first you’re last – Another FANTASTIC book about being first in the marketplace for whatever business you are in. Self written Grant Cardone speaks only the truth, and you NEED to hear it.

Those are my last 3, I’m currently reading “The speed of trust” for the 3rd time now. Please let me know your thoughts on any of the above books and let me know what your last 3 are and what you thought about them.