It’s always interesting to me what books other people find fascinating. I’d love to hear what yours are after checking out mine Velocity Overdrive – Amazing book by one of, if not THE greate...Read More

To answer this question we have look at the incentives of each dealer. Incentive of “old school dealership”: To buy low and sell high as many vehicles as possible in any given period of time. ...Read More

The image below is something I filled out on a day to day basis as I was developing the business plan of Reverse. This board helped me overcome my fears and was the something that really helped me...Read More

Quick recap, Winter 2014 I froze outside a car wash with a pop up tent and paid for people’s car washes if they would just listen to what I wanted to do the auto industry, which was to help peop...Read More

Have you ever heard of this term? Is this something you practice everyday in your job, business, relationships? From my experience this is a KEY part to succeeding at whatever it is you want in li...Read More

A lot of people may disagree with me on this one, but I feel it’s totally been true in my life. What i’ve found is that when you work harder in your life your life feels like it becomes easier...Read More